Coffee Pouring Pot
0.9 liters
w 9.4" x d 4.7" x h 6.3"
made in Japan
(Original color made for Cafe Vivement Dimanche in Kamakura Japan)

One of the most favored coffee gear for coffee lovers and professionals. The great feature about this pouring pot is its thin sprout. It makes it easier to control the hot water to flow slowly and steadily.

* When washing simply use a soft sponge. Hard scrub brushes and steel wool may remove the paint.
* The coffee pot can go directly on the stove top but the paint will come off when it is heated without water in it. We recommend you to boil hot water in a different kettle, transfer the hot water to this pot and then use this for precise pouring for the best brew.

w 24 cm x d 12 cm x h 16 cm



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