Shino Takeda

Ceramicist based in New York

Shino Takeda grew up in Kyushu Island in southern Japan, which has a rich history of ceramics and art. At the age of 20, she moved to New York City where she was exposed to an even wider diversity of culture and arts.

Most of her works are hand-built using the coil method and working with several different clay bodies.

"My inspirations come from the nature she sees, feels, tastes, and hear around her each season. Every day there are different colors inside and outside of me. I immerse my senses in these colors and try to capture them in my ceramics."

Each piece of her work is one of a kind. "I am always searching for perfect imperfections, tracing memories, and leaving footsteps of my life, making a story that connects the old to the new and myself to others."

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Shino Takeda Cup Night sky 19
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Shino Takeda Mug cup_No.8 Yellow Roof
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Shino Takeda Cup Classic Stripe Yellow & Light Blue 18
Shino Takeda Cup - Classic Stripe Indigo 17
Shino Takeda Cup - Space Yellow 9
Shino Takeda Cup - Space Blue 8
Shino Takeda cup_No.6 Brown x Green Roof
Shino Takeda Mug cup_1 Yellow Stripe