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"anzu new york" is a new online shop based in Brooklyn NY, offering a hand-picked selection of quality designed, time-honored items, hand-crafted in Japan. We also offer fine goods made in Brooklyn, New York. Products include kitchenware, dinnerware and bamboo items, handcrafted in Kyoto where the Japanese have cherished them for ages. anzu new york's concept is a modest one, though built on a foundation of enduring quality.

Glamour gives way to classic design and craftsmanship. Beauty is in the form, function the cornerstone of character. The products offered represent a timeless unfading beauty, valued and enjoyed by their owners for years to come. This is the original meaning of the anzu tree: anzu means "apricot" in Japanese. 

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Asako Ueno
anzu new york buying director, writer & Coordinator of Japanese magazine

My favorite things are: Glamour in classic design and craftsmanship. Beauty in the form that function the cornerstone of character. Products with timeless unfading beauty that will be valued and enjoyed by their owners for years to come.

Born on the southern island of Kagoshima in Japan. Grew up in a town by the beach called Chigasaki, Kanagawa near Tokyo. Asako owned an import shop in Chigasaki from 1993 until 2008 with the concept of “a store full of things that will blend in with your beach life”. She has published some books on American antiques and home decorating. She has worked as an interior director for a hot spring inn in Yamagata “Yunodo-an” and for a restaurant inside the Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine in Odawara. She also worked for New York Takashimaya as a buying consultant for many years. Eventually she moved her base to New York in 2009, and currently resides in Brooklyn. She writes columns for Japanese magazines and coordinates some pages featuring New York. She owns and manages the web shop: Anzu New York (USA).

Blog (Writer & Coordinator): Brooklyn Journal

鹿児島県生まれ、神奈川県茅ヶ崎育ち。輸入雑貨店「サザン アクセンツ」を茅ヶ崎にて1993年から2008年まで経営。その傍ら、アメリカンアンティークやインテリアに関する本を出版。また、山形県の温泉宿「湯どの庵」や小田原の報徳神社内のレストランのインテリアディレクター、ホテルウエディングの企画ディレクター、長年に渡りNew York高島屋の商品買い付けコンサルタントを担う。2009年に、拠点をニューヨークに移し、現在はブルックリン在住。日本の雑誌へコラム執筆、ニューヨーク特集ページの企画コーディネート、ウェッブショッピングサイトAnzu New YorkとSouthern Accents New Yorkのディレクションを手がける。東京と京都で不定期にPop up shopを開催。