Unjour Apresmidi Plate Suna (white)

Color: suna (white)

Unjour Apresmidi Plate: Suna (white)
design: Yumiko Iihoshi
material: porcelain
∅7.68" x 0.71"
made in Japan

This is a saucer that can be paired with the "Unjour Apresmidi Cup". It can also be used as a small plate. Each saucer is totally unique with the glaze leaving unusual effects up close and also the shaping is slightly different on every one.

Unjour Apresmidi Plate: Suna (white)
design: イイホシユミコ
素材: 磁器土
∅19.5 cm x 1.8 cm

"Unjour Apresmidi Cup"のソーサーですが、小皿としてもお使いいただけます。釉薬の具合により、ひとつひとつ表情が異なります。