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This grill Net with Handle is made of stainless steel in Kyoto at a metal factory that’s been crafting kitchenware for more than 80 years. In addition to its role in the kitchen, it can be used for outdoor camping.

The perfect replacement for a bulky toaster could very well be this simple contraption. Reminiscent of popping corn over an open fire, the grill net works by placing it over a gas burner. We can imagine toasting baguette slices, tortillas, and vegetables, the grill’s intended ingredient.The net has differing mesh weaves on each side. The finer grate is placed on the fire at a low heat–whatever is being toasted should, as the shop says, “have a chewy texture on the inside but crunchy on the outside.” - Remodelista - 

Grill : 6"x6"

Handle : 5.5" L

Height  : 1.25" H






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