Keisuke Iwata - large bowl (brown)

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Keisuke Iwata - large bowl (brown)

design: Keisuke Iwata                                                                                 hand-crafted in Japan

6.75" x 7.13"- 7.75" (opening) x h 2.5" - 3.0" dimensions may differ slightly, as each piece is hand-crafted and "organic".

Born in Soeda-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1954, Keisuke Iwata studied sculpture at Nihon University College of Arts in 1977. He studied under the Japanese ceramicist, Goro Kawamoto in Seto from 1978 to1983, where then he opened his own kiln in his hometown in Fukuoka. He has traveled extensively, including several African countries and has an impressive resume of private showings and collections in many prestigious galleries.

Notes for use:

Do not place in oven and avoid placing in microwave and dishwasher as much as possible. Dry thoroughly before storing. Due to the properties of the clay and glaze, white pieces white pieces will absorb the pigmentation of any substance they hold. These changes add a distinctive characteristic to each piece over years of use. Water left in for long period of time, may also stain the piece.

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