ReIRABO Oval Plate ( quiet white ) size M

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Hand-crafted in Tokyo Japan, these porcelain pieces truly show the talent and creativity of Yumiko Iihoshi. After graduating from the Kyoto Saga University with a Porcelain major, she started her ceramic career with "Yumiko Iihoshi Collection": employing unique shapes and glazing methods to create original pieces which are inspired by the sense and functionality of a vessel.

Yumiko Iihoshi porcelain ReIRABO Oval Plate -quiet white (medium)
design Yumiko Iihoshi
material : Porcelain
Made in Japan

L9.0" x W5.9" x H1.4" (L23cm x W15cm x H3.5cm)
Dishwasher and Microwave safe
*Each plate may differ slightly in color and finish since they are made by hand.